Michele Greco CPC

mindfulness-based life & business coaching



As an independent creative professional, it's clear that all of my life experiences to date have informed my work.  For this reason I am pretty passionate about what I do and am so grateful I get to share this passion.  
The common thread of my work revolves around the spirit of creativity, personal leadership and a self directed life.  I practice from the belief that we each innately posses openness and curiosity, the building blocks of creativity and growth.    In addition to my private coaching practice, I'm the Founder & Director of the Portland Coaching Collective.

Journey to Here

I grew up in a highly communicative Italian family in Chicago, during the free-spirited decade of the 1970s. My parents were upbeat and encouraged me to freely cultivate a strong sense of humor and of self. The two are handy together.  

As life evolved, and I was fortunate to continue to cultivate the creativity and intuition that had shown itself in my childhood.  In college, I had the good fortune of studying under Julia Cameron as she was writing and developing her personal practices which later became the book 'The Artist's Way'.  I took these lessons and practices to heart and they have continued to influence my life. ~Thanks Julia!.

Later, working as a freelance stylist and producer of commercial photography, in high-pressure situations, for such clients as Citibank, Nike, and Coca-Cola, I found myself in the delicate role of creative, mediator and leader.  Co-creating along side my crew, I worked to spark motivation and inspiration in them, to show up, deliver their best and grow themselves as independent creative professionals.

These adventures along with the mysterious adventure of later becoming a parent by way of open adoption, informed my decision to become a coach.  Parenting is a naturally life changing experience; it is all new, unknown, sometimes scary territory. Then, the path to parenthood through open adoption adds extra layers of challenge. It was this additional challenge that was also my gift.  I was exposed to the wonderment of fearlessly exploring and embracing all the many ways that life can grow you.  These days as a coach and consultant, I get to work with talented, inspired clients who are wanting and willing to do the same! 

Credentials & More.

A graduate of the International Coaching Federation’s accredited program at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, I am a certified professional coach. I hold a Master Practitioner Certificate in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and am a professional member of the International Coach Federation since 2010, with a Professional Certified Coach credential. Additionally, I've completed training in Attachment, Hakomi Method and R-CS, Re-Creation of the Self technique through META.  To learn more about these techniques, please visit meta-trainings.com. I hold a bachelor of arts in communication from Columbia College in Chicago; sit on the board of directors for Open Adoption & Family Services and serve the Oregon legislature as part of an Oregon Law Commission work group, working to rewrite Oregon adoption law and reshape Oregon adoption practice.   Additionally,  I am honored to be a contributing guest speaker at NUNM.