Michele Greco CPC

mindfulness-based life & business coaching

Coaching nurtures the process of becoming your true self, through openness, curiosity and awareness.  As you commit to coaching you are committing to creating the time and space to tend to what matters most to you.  As we work together in the explorative process of coaching, we will: 

~Draw from the present moment together, as an experiential means of understanding your guiding values.

~Expose the beliefs you carry with you in life and uncover how those beliefs are defining your experience. 

~Repurpose these beliefs so that they serve you better and work well with what you want from life.

~Anchor you in your new found awareness and strengths.

~Empower you to show up from this new place with your personal purpose in hand.  

This transformative process is rooted in your intuition & inspiration, and calls to your unencumbered organic spirit to boldly show up. 

As your coach...

 "Life strategist, personal development guide, teacher, consultant, mentor, intuit, confident, life coach, call me what you like..."

I am your transparent partner who helps to nurture the unbundling of self from an open minded, safe and non-judgmental place.  I see your inner wisdom and strengths and trust your capabilities.   I am committed to confidentiality, honesty, openness, curiosity and of course your forward motion.  I am your loyal ally who will help you to access your original wholeness, and to hold you accountable to your desires.

The Heart Of My Practice

Somatic-Mindfulness Based Coaching

Ok, so I am a wee bit woo woo Yoga, meditation and body centered somatic practices have taught us that getting quiet, and tuning in to a mindful state, creates access to deeply held internal knowledge, which opens doors like nothing else.  This practice provides opportunity for our body's profound wisdom to show up and guide us.  So, in addition to core energy coaching techniques, my coaching style blends body centered and mindfulness based approaches to unlocking and releasing change. 

This somatic component is powerful, as our physical bodies are home to our neural network and nervous systems, which play a huge roll in how we receive and respond to our life experiences. 

As you practice tuning in to the knowledge and truth within all of the parts of yourself, and following these leads, your options become plentiful and your evolution inevitable.  As you commit to coaching you are committing to creating the time and space to tend and to thrive.


Creativity is instinctive.  It has always been a part of us, way back to the beginning, as a survival skill.  When we are in our creative selves, we are acting or doing from our feeling state and less from our thinking state.  We are all naturally creative and I trust that your true passion and peace is found in accessing the freedom within this natural creativity.  Our work together will nurture this essential creative you, and welcome all of your intuition and strengths, so that you may rest in this natural you.  Creativity is collaborative too, and for this reason I bring all the intuition my creative self has to offer, to each of our sessions as well.


Yes, risk is both intimidating and amazing!  Summoning our courage feels counter intuitive, because it is voluntarily leaving our comfort zones to enter an unknown place.  Even the most confident among us is shaken from time to time and stopped by our fears.  I also know that confidence is yours to be had.  I'm on your team and promise to show up right where you are with intention. I'll hold you accountable to do the same, so that we may smile on all that is you with open hearts and minds, knowing that you are way more then enough to step in and ride your edge.

Clarity & Decision

Indecision can stop us in our tracks and keep us from moving forward into action.  Finding clarity to make a solid decision can feel daunting.   We want all the answers before we make a decision, but the truth is we don't really know until we go.   We need to make the decision in order to have the experience which revels the answers.  As it is impossible to know if the shoe fits until you try it on.  

I will support you show up no matter what, with self compassion and forgiveness firmly in place, as you stand in your risk to make a choice.  A choice rooted in what you feel is for your ultimate good and benefit.  Having given thought to the question of what is your desired change? And exploration to your understanding of how reaching your aim will change you.

Vision & Ambition

Having a clear vision is vital to kick start your ambition.  Together we will uncover your clear vision and stoke up your 'get up and go', to get you into motion.  Newton's 1st law of motion states:  "objects in motion stay in motion; objects at rest stay at rest", unless acted on by an outside force...  Placing faith in your clear visions and dreams activates outside forces, and your ability to open up to them.  Operating from this vision keeps you true to your ambitions. 

Action & Execution

Together we'll design a strategy that stays honest and true to your overall agenda.  A plan that is rooted in reality as you stretch, just enough to move toward your goal with transparency, integrity and the energy to reach your potential.  Simply beginning by 'going through the motions',   moves us from dreaming and sometimes feeling frozen in our idea state, to doing and feeling the aliveness that comes with taking new action.  Choosing to take ourselves through the motions each day, is the very way we to make new ambitions into new norms.

Determination & Integration

Or the commitment and stick-to-itiveness we all need to keep focus and a clear purpose.  With your 'eye on the prize' you'll be empowered to see your challenges as opportunities and bravely carry out the creation of what you want to it's completion.  Together we will celebrate and welcome greatness, as you bring your vision into being.