Michele Greco CPC

mindfulness-based life & business coaching

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The part in us that creates is the precious part, the sacred. It is the part in us that is willing to be vulnerable and that feels alive embracing the emptiness from which creation grows.  “Creativity - like human life itself - begins in darkness”  -Julia Cameron

Creativity as spirituality

It is in our creativity that we are connected to our divinity.  We must use this understanding to reposition ourselves appropriately in our relationship with our creative selves.  We most hold our relationship with our creative selves in the highest regard, honoring it, respecting it, nurturing it and creating a healthy feeling of awe toward it.  As it is connected to our well-being in every respect. Our creations give voice to and expand our spirits.     "Each moment of the creative process engages the senses more fully, with richer and more focused awareness. In art practice we can become transcendence, one with all beings and our world. " Dianne Bersea


Progress in our process, not perfection in our product.  Process is in itself precious.  It is process itself which is the act of expression. It is in our process that we are in the richness of our creative energy.  Process is the reason we enjoy live music, so we can be present in the process of it's creation.  Every aspect of our creative process has a purpose, honoring that purpose. the doing, the undoing, the pauses, the play. the noise and the silence, all make the process plentiful, giving generously to all aspects of being.  We will work together to see more clearly and understand more dearly, your process in it's entirety.  "Art becomes a spiritual process depending upon the degree of commitment that you bring to it." -Nick Bantock

upcycling fears into action

Fear grabs us and steals our attention.  Our fears trigger our survival brain and too often we chose, freeze or flee over fight.  Fear requires energy and effort to ignore.   Even the small, non life threatening fears that hold us back in a place of inaction, are using up energy behind the scenes.  When we cultivate the compassion and empathy to instead walk toward our fears and to comfort them, we have instantly shifted the energy.  We have begun the magical process of opening all of ourselves to our powerful creative life force and to open-ended possibility.   Bravely being in this sensitive self and with the tenderness of all of it's insecurities, we find empathy,  from which we naturally rise to begin again, to create.  This is our path to renewal.

quietly paying attention

The quiet and lovely invitation to break from our busy brilliance in order to become our beautiful beings, is always here. Quietly here in the moment.  The white space inside and between us all, connects us to everything.  Slowing to notice this space and our connectedness through it, is expanding.  Together we will quietly pay attention to just what is, in order to get a refreshed perspective on the stories that have been.  Embracing the emptiness, finding a place of comfort in the void, that is when we discover our organic creative selves.

smiling at the unknown

Opinions, definitions and judgements, they seem to serve a purpose.  We judge, create opinions and definitions in order to feel like we know something. Not only do we tend to really value knowing 'stuff' in our culture, definitions give us something to build on; opinions and judgements reinforce who we believe ourselves to be, and, in this way, limit us.  Given life is a subjective experience, all of the above are truly just assumptions, interpretations or beliefs. Creativity is born from being open and loving without judgement or assumption.  Let's shake it off and instead embrace the unknown with a curious grin. This open perspective and attitude frees us to walk away from the assumptions, definitions and judgements that are limiting our view.  
Smile, it's the way to tell our body the unknown is A-ok.  

relationship & juxtaposition

Not only does studying our relationship to every person and everything tell us who we are in the world, it also tells us who we believe we are in the world. The unconscious question is always there, 'who am I in relationship to that or them?'  Understanding this aspect of what it is to be in relationship to every other thing in the world, helps us to 'see' ourselves in the same moments that we 'be' ourselves.  This adds an expansive layer to our human experience.