Michele Greco CPC

mindfulness-based life & business coaching

Life sometimes has a way of dulling your shine and turning the skip in your step to a shuffle.  

You may feel disconnected from what matters most to you and unable to make decisions rooted in confidence.  Often times the voice of self doubt has eclipsed your original ambitious spirit and kept you stuck in the shuffle. 

Thankfully, with some conscious effort, you can discover the beliefs and experiences that have lead you to this place. Gaining new awareness and understanding about your outgrown beliefs, is what allows you to update them and ultimately rewrite your ideas of self.  Committing to the time and practice of creating this change for yourself—that’s where coaching comes in.

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many types of creative individuals.  I come from the understanding that we all have a creative self and that finding our freedom here, is life changing.  Here are some of the types of folks i'm talking about.

Creatives & Entrepreneurs

These two types of folk tend to have a common spirit.  As a creative or entrepreneur, your true passion and peace is found in accessing the freedom within your natural creative drive.  Your personal leadership depends upon accessing your purpose and nurturing your process. Strengthening the connection between these two amplifies your potential.   

On a fundamental level, coaching helps to determine if your core beliefs, which are reflected in your daily habits and patterns, are serving you or holding you back, in your progress. Additionally, partnering with a coach helps clear away distraction from your desires and your vision, as well as cultivate intentions and set attainable goals.

Taking the time to nurture what is most essential to you, will help you to ponder and answer these 3 vital questions: Is what you are working toward truly for your ultimate benefit?  What is the vision around carrying out what you want to completion?  Once you get there how will you be changed?  

Overworked Grown ups

Looking to get a little living back in your life?  When it comes to 'life balance' I can't help but mention our obvious need for doing.  Have you noticed this compulsion for doing, and then doing some more?

You believe you want to stop and get off, but can't seem to.  You can list out everything that overdoing does to you, but have you fully considered what overdoing does for you?  Sounds counter intuitive hun?  This is a curious question worth exploring, most essentially, because our doing can really cramp the style of our being.  Gaining the understanding of what we get out of our overdoing, can help us to see why we continue to do it.  Then, ultimately find another, healthier, way to fulfill that need, which is obviously an important one.  

As you commit to coaching you are committing to creating the time and space to tend to what matters to you and to your truest needs.  This is absolutely mandator to get back into and maintain a life of balance.  So let's sit down and make your 'undo' list and get your doing and being back in balance, so that all of you can thrive.

Young Adults 

The days of discovering personal identity while navigating career-related choice can be remarkable.  They can also be remarkably tough. Eighteen to twenty-something can be a difficult time through which to find your way as the journey of discovering who you are internally is all too quickly trampled by the pressure to know and do externally.  Learning to trust your organic nature and creative spirit is fundamental in cultivating a sense of  self in which to rest as you move through life's opportunities.  Let's uncover this innate energy source and bring to light the personal processes and strengths on which you can depend, as you step out and take responsibility for yourself.  By accessing personal truths, and discovering what’s percolating inside, you will learn to welcome your process and find your path in this invigorating place in life.    -"IT TAKES COURAGE TO GROW UP AND BECOME WHO YOU REALLY ARE."  E.E CUMMINGS


Life is all about growing—growing up, growing old, and in relationship, growing together.  As human beings we are naturally curious.  As you learn to cultivate this innate curiosity with openness in your relationships, you'll find your way to acceptance and love, which radically shapes your togetherness.  Let's work together to create a relationship experience rooted in tenderness and transparency.  As you become grounded in a foundation of compassion for yourself and others, you'll gain clarity, consistency and rest, in these newly discovered resources, and move more smoothly along the road ahead.

Families of adoption

Parenting in an adoptive family, or looking to grow your family through adoption? 

No matter which member of the 'adoption constellation' you are, the journey can come with challenges and fear.  Finding the courage to tune in to and listen to these vulnerabilities, invites us to become our fullest selves. You see, these fears remind us that we are human and as we welcome our humanness together, we thrive.  

The coaching process can help you to cultivate mindfulness on your journey and to honor the knowing within you during this involved process of choice, commitment and presence. In addition to supporting and inspiring you in your parenting, you'll explore opportunities to visualize and create relationships grounded in openness and love, for the benefit of the whole family. 

From time to time I offer workgroups with a special focus in these areas. Please visit my 'Events' page to learn about the current workgroups offered.