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Reviews & Kind Words ~thank you.

I’m so glad I found Michele late last year. I was teetering on the edge of giving up. Without her persistence I would have likely given in to all my doubts, fears and uncertainties. With Michele’s help I am finally taking the risk I’ve wanted all these years!
— -Sara W. Owner/Chef, Portland, OR
As the mother of two active young children, I was having a hard time making space for the self-examination and reflection that I needed to appreciate where my professional (and personal!) life had been, where it is now, and where it might go. Spending some hours with Michele felt like a gift. It gave me time to breathe, to make peace with some huge changes, and to allow the unknown to feel exciting. I’m so grateful for her gentle leadership and useful insights.
— H.T. Artist, Performer, Mother, Portland, OR
If you’re on the fence about hiring Michele, then READ THIS…”

“When I walked into Michele’s office and plunked down on her beautiful sofa for a meet-n-greet session, I was skeptical about hiring her. How come? Because I’ve bumped into a number of ‘life coaches’ that were really crazy-cat-ladies. The good news is that Michele is NOT a crazy cat lady. The even better news is that Michele… is … brilliant! Yes, I hired her. And yes, she helped me go from TOTALLY confused about my next career step … to … TOTALLY focused. I’d describe her as a savvy mentor with a remarkable ability to get you to see things you don’t already see. Needless to say, I was thrilled with Michele’s feedback. And I recommend her highly. Just promise me that you won’t tell too many people about Michele. Otherwise I won’t be able to book a maintenance session when I need one.”
— -- Wes M. Portland, Oregon
Michele’s influence in my life extends far beyond our sessions together. Michele has transformed my life and career in a way I didn’t even know I was yearning for. Michele’s approach in body centered awareness was something I resonated with but never fully understood or could anticipate the change it could have on my life. True wisdom comes from a healthy relationship of mind, body, and spirit, Michele not only exemplifies this as a person but has helped me get in touch with my wisdom, light and natural abilities.

I came away from my work with Michele with a deeper understand of who I am, celebrating the fact that being my authentic self in the world and taking time to listen and honor myself is what will change the world and bring me success and abundance. I am a natural leader but was afraid of my own power which created a lot of anxiety for me. I came away from my work with Michele with the confidence to finally apply for jobs I had been dreaming of doing.
— -C.C., Non- Profit Executive Portland, OR
Working with Michele came at the perfect time in my life. There was so much I wanted to make happen and lots of tending I needed to do for myself in order to get there. Michele was spot on and intuitive in her understanding of where I was at and helped me to have a significant break through that many years of therapy had not revealed.
— S.S., Calabasas, CA
Each day I draw upon breakthroughs achieved since being coached by Michele; -enabling behaviors with my siblings, my relationship with money, boosting self confidence and so much more. All have improved immensly and I am so grateful to her for her supportive and non-judgemental coaching style. I’m finally getting a handle on issues that have plagued me most of my 50+ years. Thank you so much, Michele.
— M.B.T. Workers Compensation Analyst, Los Angeles, C
Michele brought much clarity and light to an area we didn’t know much about at a time when someone with experience in what we were going through was so important. We thank you dearly for your honesty, trust, compassion and wisdom.
— A.C., Portland, OR
Michele led me through the results of my Energy Assessment with SUCH thoughtfulness, intimacy, and most of all pertinence and accuracy that it was as if she had known me for years and years. Oh wait, she HAS known me for years and years. But seriously, I have no doubt that she approaches all of her clients as personally and thoroughly as she did in our sessions together. Because, in all these years of knowing Michele, I know that this is simply how she rolls; she is incapable of not giving 100% of her heart and passion to every thing she approaches.
— J.M., Producer & Writer, Portland, OR
I took away some interesting pieces of information about myself that I have been mulling over ever since. Michele’s nudges towards recognizing and owning my process has given me confidence and prompted the beginning of some valuable self reflection. Thank you!
— S.M.H., Illustrator, Portland, OR
Michele is delicate in her communication yet precise and direct, which is extremely appreciated and helpful for a no-nonsense personality like mine.
— C.C., Nonprofit Manager, Soquel, CA
Even in weeks where I am so burnt-out and demotivated and it takes an effort of will to get out of bed, I have learned that it is always worth getting out to attend Michele’s work group. I always leave feeling supported, validated and re-energized, with a plan in hand that she helped me to create for myself to get back to where I want to be, regardless of where I’m coming from. I highly recommend Michele if you are looking for guidance, support or motivation.
— K.G., Web Designer & Developer, Portland, OR
After retiring as General Manager of a family business for many years, I found myself saddened by the loss of the human connection. Michele helped me recognize and feel my loss, which allowed me to grieve the loss. Michele helped me become aware that I am the same person with the same skills, likes and dislikes. With Michele’s help I am moving forward with my life. I am taking golf lessons and playing golf again. I have begun piano lessons and have become better fit by losing fifty pounds from dieting & exercising. Michele helped me get off the pity pot and move forward in a positive direction with my life. Thank you Michele for your clarity and push in the right direction.
— D.L., Chicago, IL
Having recently left one industry to begin my practice as an acupuncturist and healer, I was having a bit of an identity crisis. Michele helped me see I am still the same person no matter what label someone might attach to me. My true self lives and thrives within me always. I have opened my heart to me and I have come home.“ As my weekly sessions with Michele would approach, I would find myself looking forward to being held accountable for the previous weeks lesson. Yes, each week it seemed I walked away with a pearl of wisdom, a nugget of truth about myself that Michele was able to reflect back to me. Michele is an amazing listener with an open heart and a fast pen. Her charismatic approach to coaching is infectious. Her joy and passion for what she is doing is obvious. I highly recommend Michele Greco as a Life Coach to anyone who is needing and wanting that passionate reflection. Michele has an intuitive, yet laser approach. She will help you achieve, transform or be happy with what is next in your life. I know I will take all my pearls and wear them with a new found contentedness, Michele helped me to find. Thank you Michele for a wonderful year of growth in helping me be truly grounded in me.
— D.M., Acupuncturist, Portland, OR