Michele Greco CPC

mindfulness-based life & business coaching

Breath new life into your creative self this spring.
Because freedom of creativity = freedom of spirit.

Tuesday evenings 6:00 - 8:30 
Next Session Dates to be announced. 
*Note it is a three week on, one week off format.
Take advantage of 'Early Bird' to receive one individual coaching session.

3115 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite #230  Portland, OR 97232
No previous meditation experience required. 
Fieldwork outside of session is included for integration of in session work.  
-Tuition $485.

michele @ michele greco.com  or 503-880-4868 to learn more.  

An invitation to 'be' and 'do' in a new way, this mindfulness-based workshop reconnects you to curiosity & a feeling of ease toward the unknown, freeing up valuable energy & insight.

~Identify & redefine core beliefs that may be interfering with your freedom of spirit & creativity.
~Learn how your relationships with time, language & money impact your relationship with choice & self. 
~Refine your relationship with self, developing grace & the habit of trust in process.
~Nurture your organic creative flow and create a reliable structure in which to rest your whole being.

This workshop helped me evaluate my life and work in a new and positive way. I was able to gain clarity on what was important to me, what my passions were, and what motivates me. Michele is intuitive and skillful in her approach and teaching style. I recommend this class to anyone looking to connect with themselves and their life’s passion.
The Creativi-Chi workshop this past winter/spring was truly life changing. A pivotal component of the series for me was the group oriented exercises. Being in community and actively learning together made way for new insights and provided tangible tools for enriching my creative process. Incorporating dynamic, sensory focused exercises, including listening, writing, speaking and illustrating reinforced the human need for collaboration in times of growth and reflection.

This workshop incorporates learnings from interpersonal neurobiology, along with core coaching tools, to more fully study our relationships with process, time, money & language in order to gain specific insights about their inter-connectedness to our relationship with choice & self.

Session format will include meditation, lesson/instruction, work in small groups, experiential exercises, fieldwork between sessions & practices which integrate mindful life patterns.

Michele Greco is a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach & Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership. Michele's work is rooted in a somatic / body based approach.

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